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Private lessons

6 March 2013 by John Deffenbaugh, 1 comment

General Healthcare Group has been in the news recently. They’re in a pickle due to continuous refinancing via equity investors. The result is that their property loans are not serviceable from income. A sad position for an otherwise proud company; think Southern Cross.

Top Leaders Masterclass: 'Big Society in Practice'

25 February 2013 by Graham Johnson, 1 comment

An engaging and inspirational afternoon spent with Everton in the Community provided for a rich and enlightening perspective on what Big Society looks like in practice, and what it might mean for leadership practice.

In the 'Land of Lincoln'

31 January 2013 by John Deffenbaugh, 1 comment

Abraham Lincoln has been in the news this month. It’s the 150th anniversary of both the Emancipation Proclamation and Gettysburg Address, and Steven Spielberg has taken the opportunity to pay homage. Lincoln is also directly relevant to what we might expect in the NHS in coming weeks.

The blindingly obvious

22 January 2013 by Helen Stevens, No comments yet

I came across an opinion piece in the Health Service Journal recently. Well-written, to-the-point, and with a clear call to action, it's been niggling away in my mind ever since.

Top Leaders Masterclass: 'Leadership in the Military'

15 January 2013 by Ian Tegerdine, 1 comment

This blog post is a reflection on a visit to the Army Medical Service Training Centre (AMSTC) at Strensall, just north of York, for the NHS Top Leaders Masterclass, ‘Leadership in the Military’.

Coming to town

20 December 2012 by John Deffenbaugh, 1 comment

Santa Claus is coming to town later this month. If you, like me, believe in Santa, along with the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Great Pumpkin (it’s an American thing, Google and you’ll get it), you’ll know the excitement and anticipation that Santa brings to kids of all ages.

Impact Group: John Lewis

14 December 2012 by Sally Howard, 1 comment

We had the pleasure of spending time as an impact group with Phil Vickers, outgoing HR Manager of John Lewis and his colleague Chloe Croft-Baker. We had set them a question: “How does John Lewis build a culture of empowerment through a hierarchical structure?”

Top Leaders Masterclass: 'Customer Service'

5 December 2012 by Julie Ridge, 1 comment

Simon Fowler, Managing Director of the John Lewis store on Oxford Street, painted a picture of a well-oiled retail machine led by happy, engaged, motivated staff – or ‘partners’, as they are known. What struck me was how open the business is to those who work there. Partners can challenge up to the very top and they are listened to. Can such an operating model work in the NHS?

Awareness and responsibility

21 November 2012 by John Deffenbaugh, 1 comment

Xi Jinping has been in the headlines recently. As the new vice president of China he heads a country of 1.3 billion. What grabbed the recent headlines was not so much his appointment, but rather his disappearance for 13 days in the run-up to his appointment. It’s really difficult for leaders to vanish nowadays. It’s also not very helpful.

A glimpse of a different world

12 November 2012 by Mike Harris, 1 comment

Impact group experiences differ. Some meetings are about managing the here and now. Some about future plans. Some allow a glimpse of a different world, yet one that offers the NHS and personal development a wonderful opportunity.

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